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President : Mr Upendra Sheth

Dear Members,

At the outset, I wish everyone a very happy, healthy and warm New Year.

Wishing you all Happy New Year 2020.

On 20th December 2019, Indo-American Society Executive Council elected me as President of this very prestigious Institution. I take this opportunity to thank all the members who took time out and elected me as President for the second time.  Myself  and  entire  Executive Council  members  are ready  to carry on our duties  diligently, with care and with an aim to bring back stability  to  our  prestigious  Institution.  I admit that it will be no easy task, as last few years have seen a lot of turmoil and changes.

Nevertheless, Indo American Society was established for Aims and Objectives as enumerated below.

  1. The dissemination of knowledge and education and the promotion of understanding between the people of India and the people of the United States of America.
  2. The true appreciation of the ways of life, cultures and languages of the peoples of these countries.
  3. The promotion of enduring good-will, friendship and co-operation in all spheres of life, through and activity between the peoples of these countries.

We are proud to draw your attention that Indo-American Society celebrated 60th Anniversary in April 2019 to corroborate above Aims & Objectives.

However, we are now poised at very competitive, changing and challenging times. The need of hour is for each and every one of us and all the members to go forward in taking the Indo-American Society to the original position of being a Landmark Institution and place to be associated with.  I am confident that with support of each and every one, we would be able to achieve this monumental task. We are taking the utmost care and adequate steps to address the issue of repairs to our “Heritage address” so that it becomes more inviting and compelling for people and students to visit. We are taking the necessary steps to encourage more footfalls and improve the numbers, quantity, and quality of our training courses in keeping with the times.  Please feel free to send your comments and suggestions to me at

I am signing off, with Best Compliments of the season to each and every one of you and look forward to ushering in a Prosperous and Memorable New Year.

Best regards,
Upendra Sheth 
President, Indo-American Society