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This course helps you get the whole picture of photography! It makes you understand and master your camera, its accessories, and learn technique in a systematic and scientific way. it teaches you the basic principles behind capturing creative photographs.

About the Course:

Snap, Click, Khatak. Don’t you wish that taking great pictures was as simple as that? Yet, even with the latest automatic camera in your possession, something still seems to be missing. Our Photography course puts you in the picture, helping you understand and master your camera, its accessories and techniques in a systematic and scientific way, teaching you the basic principles behind snappier snaps and more creative photos.


If things click for you, our Photography course can be the aperture to much greater success. Good capable photographers with an eye for detail and a knack of capturing the unexpected are in great demand everywhere In newspapers and magazines, for fashion and advertising. In studios, for portraits and passport snaps. At every event of Importance, like conferences, seminars, official ceremonies, sports events, wedding, etc.
Whether you view photography as a profession or a serious hobby or just fun, our photography course will give you new insights into make the best possible use of your camera.

Course Contents:

  1. Cameras: Different format cameras Box cameras. Direct viewing cameras Ordinary and Rangefinder, SLR (Single Lens Reflex) cameras, Automatic cameras Compact and Superior SLRs Details about your own camera.
  2. Camera Handling: Loading and Unloading of film, Operation of the camera, Handling and Holding of the camera and Digital Cameras.
  3. Lenses: Normal lenses, Wide-angle lenses, Tele lenses, Zoom and Macro lenses, Mirror lenses, Tele converters, Close-up lenses.
  4. Aperture: F-stops and lens opening, Two prime usage of aperture, Depth of field and its 3 prime factors, Practical on DOF.
  5. Shutter: Two primes functions of shutter, Leaf and focal plane shutter, Freezing motion (PRACTICALS), Capturing motion (PRACTICALS), Motion blur (PRACTICALS), Panning-vertical, horizontal, diagonal (PRACTICALS), Light trails (PRACTICALS), Camera shakes (PRACTICALS).
  6. Exposure: Factors determining exposure. (PRACS), I luminance & reflectance of light, What is metering and its mode (PRACS), Zone system, High key & low key, Histograms (PRACS), RAW and JPEG, Exposure rendering.
  7. Composition: 25 rules of composition you cannot miss.
  8. Field Trip.
  9. Analysis and Closure. Normal
            Date Duration Days Time Amount
19th  Apr to 17th May 5 Weeks Sunday 9.00am to 1.00pm Rs.9500/-

This course is also available at our Andheri Center.

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