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About the Course:
Today’s competitive age demands mastery in different skills. To master any skill, you have to have knowledge and the power to retain that knowledge. Reading faster helps you to get more knowledge in less time, and efficient, trained memory helps you to retain that knowledge. Both these skills give you a clear edge in your career and life, over others. Improved performance in any walk of life is directly related to the utilization of mental resources. Memory and reading are basic human skills and by tapping into these mental resources, you can improve success in any field.

Memory Improvement:

Our memory is an excellent computer but we use only 10% of its power just because we do not know the laws of memory.
Course Contents:

This programme will help you to learn:

  • The dynamics of fast reading
  • To overcome the blocks in reading
  • To understand and comprehend better and faster
  • Effective ways of mastering reading skills
  • To develop concentration and observation powers
  • Effective techniques of memory skills
  • Once you learn the laws and techniques of memory what you get is:
  1. Your memory improves drastically
  2. Your observation and concentration improve dramatically—which, as you know, is essential for success anywhere
  3. Your imagination power increases tapping the creative brain cells. This creativity is essential to solve any problems –small or difficult.
  4. It keeps your brain active for a longer time—a fact that helps you in other disciplines as well.

The programme is ideal for students seeking to increase their learning capacities. In short, these techniques help you to become smart in a different way by using your brainpower to the maximum. Through a series of games, discussions as well as competitions, through the teaching of memory techniques like the Link system and the Peg system, some mental exercises to develop concentration powers, this programme will build skills that will help you succeed like never before.

            Date Duration Days Time Amount
20th  Apr  to 24th Apr 1 Week Mon to Fri 2.00pm to 6.00pm Rs. 7700/-

This course is also available at our Andheri Center.

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