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Mr. Tanmay Pradip Diwaji
Student - Advanced English Course

Hi..... I really enjoyed the course and I am feeling confident while speaking English. It really added to my personality.

Mr. Parth Panchmia
Student - Public Speaking Course

This course really added up to my skills and I am able to deliver best while giving presentation and has no stage fear.

Ms. Yaseera Yusuf
Student At G.M Moens Womens Collgege, Bhiwandi - Basic English Course

The Basic English course added to my confidence in speaking English and understands it. It really helped me to upgrade my knowledge.

Ms. Shweta S. Bapat
Student - Personality Development, Roha

The course really added to my personality. The level and nature of & participation by trainers & was simply exceptional, learning exercise, concrete & examples, fun games, excellent analysis and & feedback. The time flew by! I will recommend this training & wherever I go, it would be most useful for any students.

Mr. Rugved Sarolkar
Student - Personality Development Course

My name is Rugved Sarolkar, I loved the personality development course conducted by Indo-American Society at Roha.
The best thing that happened here that I found & out my own flaws and tried to overcome it with the help of Ms Tanvi Dharap and Ms. Heena Das. The interacting session was beautiful group discussion was awesome.
The explanation of good & bad personality, how to judge yourself how to dress up everything was told in sweet n charming language with proper video presentation and the faculty helped to find out flaws n guided us beautifully thanks a lot this session will surely help me stand in society firmly n confidently thank u.

Speakers Experiance

Mr. V. Balachandran
Retd. Cabinet Secretariat, Govt of India

It was wonderful to be back in IAS

Dec 26, 2012; Lecture on "Comnbating Terrorism - The US War"
Dr. Om Shrivastav and Dr. Mangala

Good interactive participations and wonderful place

Jan 10, 2013; Medical lecture on "Current status of fevers and infections in Mumbai & strageries for their prevention & control"
Attorney Davin Nachman - US Immigration

We are pleased that we can be of assistance to the members of the Indo-American Society and the important goals that the organisation serves

Jan 29, 2013; Lecture on "Update on US immigration law and visas, Legislative and Administrative changes in President Obamas next 4 years"
D. Shivanandan - DGP (Retd)

I am a regular visitor to their famous insitution. I enjoy my visit and lecture today to an enlightened audience. The IAS is doing grea service in spreading knowledge. I am looking forward to an association in future too.

Feb 26, 2013; Lecture on "Cyber Security"
Prof. Dr. S. Natarajan

It was my new experience to be in back in IAS. The audience were intellectual, attentive . Thanks IAS for the great work.

May 29, 2013; Medical lectuer on "Management of complex eye disorders"
Dr. Pettarusp Wadia

Thank you very much for an extremely interactive and lovely interaction

July 31, 2013; Medical lecture on "Ageing of the brain; A Neurologist Perspective"
Mr. Chandrashekar Thakur - CPSL, BSE

Wonderful arrangement, wonderful audience, love to come again

Aug 30, 2013; Lecture on "Stock Market: Safety & Transpency"
Mr. Sunil Parekh
Founder & Ceo of Rise,Development Academy

Excellent experience. Thanks so much for the opportunity. Lots of love.

Oct 08, 2013; Lecture on "Unleashing the power within for Personal & Professional success"
Mr. Tushar Gandhi
Great Grand Son of Mahatma Gandhi

A wonderful institution of friendship. It was a priveledge to be invited to address an august audience. Thank you very much.

Dec 11, 2013; Lecture on "Relevance of Gandhi"
Mr. Ashish Kumar Chauhan

It was wonderful to be at IAS Seminar. I hope,participants limed the presentation.

March 25, 2014; Lecture on "Economic outlook 2014 with special reference to tole of BSE in the development in capital market"
Mr. Richard Zielinski - Vice Consul, Economic Affairs, US Consulate, Mumbai

What a warm reception ! I was honoured to talk about Abrahim Lincoln in the Lincoln Theatre.

Apr 15, 2014; Lecture on :Civil war : The assassination of Abrahim Lincoln"
Mr. Shailesh Gandhi
Former RTI Commissioner and Activist

Very well organised and excellent experience. Thanks to IAS.

Nov 27, 2014; Lecture on "How citizen make Government work"
Dr. Allyn Miner

It was wonderful experience playing here. Thank you for having me. Best wishes for Indo-American co-operation in the arts and education

Jan 15, 2015; Event- Indo-US Council Sitar Recital"
HE.Thomas Vajda
USA Consul General, Mumbai

To my good friends at IAS, thnak you for honoring me as Chief Guest. I wish you continued success in advancing US-India relations

Jun 17, 2015; Event- Founders day program
Dr. (Ms) Shailendra Shrivastava
Assistant Director Program, Doordarshan

It was a grat moment on such a glorious ocassion. It is a great oppurtunity to be there. Indo-American Society is doing excellent work , specially to promote Indian culture.

Jun 17, 2015; Event- Founders day program
Mr. Bharat Dave Manager BSE-IPF

Good combination & faculty.Nicely managed event

Jan 11, 2016; Lecture on "Investment Awareness Program"
Mr. Gajendra Kothari
MD & CEO Etica Wealth Mgt Ltd

Excellent session. I throughly enjoyed the interaction. Thanaks to Indo-American Society for giving me this oppurtunity

Jan 11, 2016; Lecture on "Investment Awareness Program"
Mr. Jigar Gandhi
Head, West Zone, Axis Mutual Fund

Great session. Thnaks to Indo-American Society for organising such a wonderful session and giving us a chance

Jan 11, 2016; Lecture on "Investment Awareness Program"
Dr. Krishnakant Dhebri

Lovely audience, very meticulous planned by Dr. Parulkar

Jan 29, 2016; Medical lecture on "Vitamins for Good Health"
Mr.Kundan Vyas - Managing Editor & CEO of Janmabhoomi Group

Excellent arrangement as usual.

March 01, 2016; Panel discussion on "Post Budget Analysis"
Mr. Arun Kejriwal
Member Stock Exchange & Analyst

Intenting event and held in a very informal manner

March 01, 2016; Panel discussion on "Post Budget Analysis"
Mr. Sanket Shah
Co-Founder & MD of NS Global

Very Good. Keep it up.

Jun 07, 2016; Lecture on "US Taxes & FATCA"
Dr. Navin Punjabi - Director Placements - HR College of Commerce & Economics

Amazing hospitaltiy. Very engaging participants. Great staff

Jun 30, 2016; Lecture on "Investment Awareness Program"
Mr. Ashwin Ankhad - Advocate & Partner, Ashwin Ankhad & Associates

The support staff was good. Your President as also Secretary General & Ms. Shobha were very coordial. They are the back bone to the organisation.

July 21, 2016; Law Semianr on "Why to make a Will"
Dr. Percy Chibber,
Director of Urology at Jaslok Hospital

Great Audience.Enjoyed giving their talk.

July 26, 2016; Medical lecture on Losing your bladder control – Find Solutions”.
Mr. Subhash Thakar - Hasya Samrat

Today we fully enjoyed with your society. Thanks for giving me chance in your society

Aug 12, 2016; Independence Day celebration
Ms. Aruna Devkar - Hasya Kavitri

I am very much thankful for giving such a nice event

Aug 12, 2016; Independence Day celebration
Dr. Nupur Kapoor Nerurkar - ENT Surgeon

Most wonderfully organised lecture and lovely and enthusiastic audience.

Oct 19, 2016; Medical lecture on "Recent Advances in the Diagnosis & Management of the Voice Disorders"
Dr. Rahul Joshi - MD, Homeopathic Medicine

It was a excellent gahtering, very well organsied program. Hats off to Presidne Upendra Sheth.Kudos..

Oct 24, 2016; Diwali Celebration
Shri. Raj K. Purohit - MLA

Happy Diwali to all the members of IAS. I feel proud to be here with members.I feel to join them.

Oct 24, 2016; Diwali Celebration
Dr. Navin Punjabi - Assistant Proffessor, Director Students & Placements, Hr Commerce College & Economics

Very well organsied. Amazing people. Great hospitality & happy to engage moe with IAS

Nov 29, 2016; Seminar on Campus to Corporate
Mr. Kundan Vyas - Managing Editor & CEO of Janmabhoomi Group

Excellent session and nice hospitality

Dec 01, 2016; Panel discussion on Demonetization - Demon or Deity?

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